3 Easy Ways to "Connect" on Facebook

How are you “connecting” with your friends, clients, and prospects on Facebook?

Here are 3 Easy Ways to Connect on Facebook:

1. Let people know what you are up to or what you are thinking about.  This is opportunity for you to express your personality and let people know a little bit more about you.

2. Comment on your friends posts.  Even if you just hit the “like” button.  Connect!  Let them know your thoughts!

3. Frequent the picture section.  People are constantly uploading recent family events, vacations, and random photos.  This is a great way to drop in and say, “You have a beautiful family.”  “Wow, that looks like that hurt!”  “Pink is a great color on you.”  Get my drift?

Isn’t that easy?  Now start connecting… One last thing, don’t forget to be authentic and don’t “sell” anything on your personal page.  That is a huge turnoff!

Happy Connecting!